What Are The Major Applications of Carbon Fiber Sheets?

Carbon is perhaps the most abundantly found elements on this planet. It is present almost everywhere, and with the advancement in the field of science and technology, different types of applications have been figured out. But, when we talk about the applications of carbon, we usually refer to form of carbon fiber. The inception of carbon fiber sheets has proved to be a boon for a wide number of industries, and as more researchers are being carried out, the number of uses is also increasing. Below are some of the prime applications of carbon fiber.

Applications of carbon fiber sheets

  • In the field of aviation, carbon fiber is proving to be an excellent material for the production of aircrafts. Carbon fiber is quite strong in nature, and it is very much light in weight. As a result, the aircrafts made from the sheets of carbon fiber are highly durable and safe as well. Owing to the lightweight nature of carbon fiber, more amount of efficiency is also being added to the airplanes.
  • Likewise, in the production of spacecraft also the use of carbon fiber is showing great results. The spacecraft made from the sheets of carbon fiber is much more efficient and capable as well.
  • In the arena of sports, there are a lot of things that are being made with carbon fiber, such as badminton, tennis racquet, golf stick, and many more. Even running shoes are being made from carbon fiber. This is the reason why carbon fiber manufacturing is increasing at an impressive rate. There is no dearth of suppliers in the online market.
  • Talking about the application of carbon fiber in the medical field, there is a lot that can be mentioned in this regard. Production of artificial limbs has been greatly benefited with the development of carbon fiber. Now the prosthetics are much lighter in weight and they are more durable too.
  • In the automobile industry, vehicles made from carbon fiber are getting more popular, and it is due to the durability that the sheets offer to the vehicles.

All about carbon fibre

You will be amazed to know that carbon fibre is a type of material that is not only super strong but it is also light in weight. Moreover, if you talk about the strength than it is five times as strong as steel and also two times the stiff but then also it weighs less than two third of the steel. The structure of the carbon fibre is like that of the human hair and it is twisted together in the way the yarn is done. The manufacturing procedure of the carbon fibre involves both the combination of mechanical and the chemical process. At first, the material is stressed in the form of a thread and then it is heated at very high temperature but a precaution has to be taken care of during the process that it does not come in contact with the oxygen. The reason behind it is that the fibre does not burn with the proper oxygen supply and thus it goes through a process known as carbonization. Success has not been achieved in producing a high amount of carbon fibre as because it is very much expensive and another reason is that there is lack of skilled labor.

At the time of processing of the entire process, some pieces of carbon fibre breaks and then they get circulated in the air in the form of fine dust particles. The main demerit of these dust particles is that it is health hazards when inhaled. If you talk about the skin problem then let me inform you that the chemical that is used to coat the fibre contains chemicals that may cause irritation to your skin. Therefore it is recommended that people who work in this area should wear a protective mask and also wear protective clothing or you can even use skin cream which will help you to protect from the dust. If you talk about prepreg composites than it is nothing but a common term that is used for the fabrics and it has been pre-impregnated with a resin system.

The carbon fibre sheets are often used in the high-quality cars, boats, planes and especially the formula one race cars. On an addition, it can also be used for the purpose of marine decoration and general entertainment. We all know that most of the automobile is made up of steel and thus if this steel is replaced by the carbon fibre sheets then the weight of the automobile will decrease up to sixty percent. Consequently, the decrease in the weight of the car will also reduce the consumption of the car fuel by thirty percent. The carbon fibre gave lots of advantage to the car manufacturer as now they can manufacture a car with smaller and efficient engine, it will help to reduce weight, increase in the fuel efficiency and at the same time, other different kinds of the engine are also developed.

Use of carbon fiber in the automotive industry

Car makers are always looking for new technology to improve performance and achieve cost-effectiveness. Such technology also helps them increase productivity in order to meet increasing productivity.

Carbon fiber has gained increasing attention over years for many car makers because of its advantages over replacements.

Over the years, carbon fiber composites and carbon fiber panels have been desirable over metal counterparts because they are lightweight. In automotive, this is essential for fuel efficiency. But carbon fiber panels and composites are also desirable in many industries for their strength and weight advantage too, meaning they deliver high strength for low weight.

Steel has dominated the automotive industry for so long and it is possible that high volume carbon fiber manufacturing will replace steel as the material of choice for future cars. Today, autoclave composites continue to be produced in large volumes.

While aerospace has adapted well enough to low production of fiber composites, autoclave composites, and carbon fiber panels, there has to be mass production of these products if they must dominate the automotive industry. Part of the campaign that will help in the mass production of these components is the creating of mixes of carbon fiber and plastics, which has simplified the manufacturing processes. This has helped in the advancement of the industry beyond the most common applications of carbon fiber panels.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is the most used type in the high-end automobiles and supercars. It is a carbon fiber bounded by a polymer such as epoxy resin. It delivers a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It also has a low density of 1.6g/cc, making it lighter than steel without compromising on strength.

For fuel efficiency purposes, carbon fiber has helped since a 10% reduction in weight can save up to 6-8% of fuel in automobiles. So carbon fiber is a great focus because of the great focus on fuel efficiency.

It is applied in body construction, making carbon fiber hoods, along with roof panels, rocker panels, and air splitters. Carbon fiber is also a component of wheels and helps achieve faster acceleration and better control.

All That You Need to Know About Carbon Fibre Products

Carbon fibres comprise of the carbon atoms and are 5-10 micrometers in diameter. Carbon fibre properties, such as superior tensile strength, high stiffness, low weight, superior chemical resistance, minimum thermal expansion and tolerance to high temperatures make these fibres useful in the motorsports, civil engineering, aerospace and the military industry.

Carbon fibres in combination with other materials, such as glass, plastic, graphite and epoxy resin, impart higher strength to the fibres and make them more resistant to heat so that they find wide application in industries like aerospace, construction etc.

A wide array of items are crafted from carbon fiber composites such as business cards, coasters, scuba diving equipment, steering wheel, battery boxes, air-box, diffuser, spoiler, FIA certified seats, carbon fibre sheets etc.

Here is a list of popular items made from carbon fibres.

  • Business Cards: You can make use of carbon fibres to make superior quality business cards. The manufacturing of these cards involves superior CNC cutting, vacuum infusion of epoxy resin as well as leading-edge overprinting technology.

  • Coasters: Coasters are an essential table accessory that you use to rest your beverage glass on. You use them to protect your tabletop from water stain. They can be crafted from a wide array of materials, such as wood, plastic or even carbon fibres. Carbon fibre items are preferred for their light weight and low density. Coasters crafted from this material would be sturdy and of unmatched quality.

  • Scuba Diving Equipment: Carbon fibre is widely used for making scuba diving equipment, such as Kevlar/aramid fins, fins, diving backplates, adapter etc. Carbon fibre is chosen for making scuba diving equipment for its high strength and light weight.

If you are interested in high-quality products crafted from carbon fibre, the best place to look for it is DexCraft. The Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality carbon fibre products made from carbon fibres in combination with epoxy resins, glass, aramid filaments etc. Purchase unsurpassed quality of carbon fiber sheets from this company for its unrivalled quality, guarantee, high aesthetics, brilliant workmanship and superb after-sale customer service.

Storage & Handling of Prepregs

Composite materials are now widely used in various industries because of the advantages they have over ordinary materials. For instance, they can provide desired high strength of material in aerospace, without adding unnecessarily weight in component.

Prepreg composites should be stored in a cool and dry or in a refrigerator. You also need to allow the prepreg to reach room temperature on removing from the refrigerator, in order to prevent condensation. Prepreg composites can stay for up to 12 months when stored at a temperature of – 18 ºC. The matrix determines the tack life at 23 ºC. Storage and handling are two important factors you need to consider when buying autoclave composites and prepreg composites.

However, prepegs have a low risk when being handled due to the below reasons:

1. Both sides are covered by protective coverings and the coverings are not to be removed until assembly lay-up. In addition, the prepeg composites need to be cut into the desired shapes before the coverings are removed, so no handling will be necessary before that.

2. They do not have any loose fibrous dust. They are also splash-free, do not leak or spill. This is in comparison to the wet lay-up methods involved in the manufacture of fiber reinforced composites. In this case of fiber reinforced composites, the dry fiber and liquid resin are used.

3. They are volatile and have a moderate/low tack level at normal room temperature.

Protecting yourself :-

It is important to learn how to handle autoclave composites and prepreg composites, particularly how to protect your hands and body. You should wear gloves and ensure arms are covered to avoid any skin contact with prepegs. Otherwise, touching them repeatedly touch prepreg with unprotected hands might lead to allergic reactions.

There are also fibrous materials that result from machining cured products and you should be careful when dealing with this because inhaling it can be dangerous. You should ensure to install positive dust extraction and collection systems at the cutting zone. You should also prevent dust formation and ignition sources when machining cured products as thus can cause fire. Dust from products that have carbon fiber parts is a good conductor of electricity.