Ultimate place for carbon fiber components

If you are searching for the best quality carbon fiber components and other related services Dexcraft is just the right place for you. The supplier of the best quality carbon fiber components, Dexcraft is also known for rendering other services related, like carbon fiber molding and even cutting carbon fiber.

Why Dexcraft?

Dexcraft is one of the leading marketing companies for carbon fiber products. It is known for its top quality goods and also provides other facilities related to carbon fiber products. If you are wondering if Dexcraft can help you with cutting and molding, you should know that the company is best known for its excellent expertise in cutting carbon fiber and also carbon fiber molding.

What does Dexcraft ensure in its service of cutting and molding carbon fiber?

  • If you need the service of cutting carbon fiber Dexcraft does that with the highest proficiency. Dexcraft does the job of cutting carbon fiber into desired shape along with required logos if necessary. In general, it uses the 3 or 5 axis milling machine. However, Dexcraft can work on templates for cutting carbon fiber if desired.

  • Carbon fiber molding is also done with efficient expertise at Dexcraft. Most of the time aluminum or other tooling boards are used for carbon fiber molding. Dexcraft also deal with serial production of composite carbon mould. These are done by laminating manually or by the technique of carbon fiber molding.

Dexcraft is very efficient when it come to delivery of products. They do maintain a stock of already manufactured products to ensure speedy delivery. Not just these, Dexcraft also expertise in varnishing of the carbon fiber products and also services like bonding and assembly. Dexcraft is pretty well known for its service now that their market has spread over Germany, Span and even United Kingdome. Thus, Dexcraft is your answer to the best quality carbon fiber products with the promise of timely delivery even in serial production. Contact Dexcraft today for your queries related to their services.


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